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The Inner Economy

IMAGINE NO MORE DRUDGERY—just years ahead of doing what you love. Work is never boring because it keeps evolving. You don’t have to deal with difficult bosses or the dark side of office politics. You’ve taken charge of your career and become the CEO of your own life. This is the future described in Cliff Hakim’s 1994 bestseller We Are All Self-Employed. In it, Hakim, a highly regarded Boston career consultant, laid out a plan for surviving and thriving in a new work world. The problem was, he was way ahead of his time. Executives and staffers kept clutching to the old reality in which a company, like a parent, provided shelter, familiarity and long-term security. Now that the corporate glory days are over, Hakim’s insights are proving indispensable, so I called him for a critical update. First we talked about the global economy that experts refer to as volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous.

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