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With expertise in psychology, business, spirituality, medicine and memoir, Valerie Andrews helps authors to

  • Write a better book proposal
  • Home in on themes to reach a wider audience
  • Craft chapters suitable for magazine serialization
  • Design workbooks and training materials
  • Launch blogs and newsletters

“Valerie has one of the top minds in the publishing business. Few have her knowledge of writing, flow, and structure and her equally important understanding of how book markets, media, and readership function. She offers highly constructive editing, a thorough market analysis, and creates a strong bond of trust with the author.”

Jeevan Sivasubramaniam
Managing Editor, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Valerie creates from the heart and the head providing an unusual, just-right mix to refine, position, and sell the author’s work.”

Cliff Hakim, author of the business best-seller We Are All Self-Employed


Cindy Spring The Wave and the Drop: Wisdom Stories about Death and Afterlife

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Cliff Hakim Rethinking Work

Bob Seidensticker Future Hype: The Myth of Technology Change

Ken Jennings, Ken Blanchard The Serving Leader

Mark Campbell Five Gifts of Insightful Leaders

Judith Kaye Nelson Seeing Through Tears

Robert Johnson Owning Your own Shadow

Thomas Berry  The Dream of the Earth

David Miller, et al, Facing Apocalypse

Charles Garfield  Wisdom Circles

Gail Straub  The Rhythm of Compassion 

Gale Warner  Dancing at the Edge of Life






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